After surviving a drab, grey (translation: cold & depressing!) Saturday, I got up with the sun this morning, hopped in the shower and headed right out to the Farmer’s Market for tomatoes, avocados, chinese broccoli and some fresh flowers for the home officina. Courtney, who’s in town through Thursday, came along for the ride and we ran into Mai and the kids, which is always fun. There’s no better way to kick off a Sunday morning. Did I mention that we made a Starbucks stop, too?

Have some soon-to-be boiling water on the stove for a little pasta lunch, then headed to the pool to get some Vitamin D. The laptop and a few magazines are coming with me. Would love to get a jump on work before the grind starts all over again tomorrow.

Wouldn’t it be a-mazing if we could tack a few more hours onto the end of Sunday night?

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