After sitting around all last week, waiting (and waiting), for an interview to happen, the call finally came early Sunday afternoon. My deadline was Monday.

The story is in. I am tired. Period.

Has your brain ever hurt? I can’t really describe the feeling, but it’s real. The only treatment that I’ve been able to find to combat this ailment is a spicy tuna roll, chased with a shrimp tempura roll. Yes, sushi makes me very happy.

I did some work today, but really, I took an unofficial mental health mini-vaca…with television (don’t tell anyone). Am I the only one who is a tad frightened by Kathie Lee Gifford on that 4th hour of The Today Show? She is so intense, so…what’s the word? Amped? And she’s quite honey blonde for her age, no? Oh, and was loving Whoopi’s tirade about paying taxes on The View’s “Hot Topic” show today. I live for Whoopi. And of course, there’s always The People’s Court. I don’t care what anyone has to say, I proudly tune in and yes, I trust Judge Milian. I’ve learned a lot from that show like, your co-worker will always stiff you on the bill for that cell phone you got for him/her and also, it’s not smart to pay upfront for a summer sublet (what if there are bed bugs?) I’m not making this up!

For now, I’m entranced by an episode of Law & Order: SVU, a show I rarely watch. “Wee-Bey” from The Wire, who is way, way chocolate (smile), has a guest spot. So does “Cheryl,” who played Kima’s girlfriend. And even though it’s old news, who would have ever thunk that Ice T would wind up playing a cop on TV? A-mazing. Hilarious, actually.

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