Let me start by saying that I went to see Dancing With The Stars, LIVE!, at CBS Studios the other day and I was screaming like a banshee (is that how you spell it?). I must admit, it was rather fun to see it live.

My ace-boon, Carolyn Williams from J Records, was gracious enough bring me as her +1 to the show and as we were trekking to the lot, she nearly stopped in her tracks when she saw how much our gas is out here. She even took a camera phone shot of the price board at the 76 station on Beverly because she said no one in New York would believe how high the prices are. It’s really kind of crazy. I feel like I’m getting jacked every time I have to fill up.

OK, back to the show.

As I stated in a previous post, the only reason why I’m watching this season is because of Mario and when he hit the floor, I kind of went nuts…so much so that the little, old lady sitting next to me said, “Oh, I think I know who you’re rooting for.” Does that make me a groupie? Maybe a little bit.

But wait, Jason Taylor is kind of a hottie and looked really fabulous in his suit. Although the judges were hating, I thought Adam Corolla rolling out on the unicycle was really imaginative. Why Shannon Elizabeth earned a “10” is beyond me and seeing Priscilla Presley up close is really quite scary. I hope she’s happy when she looks in the mirror. That’s all that matters, yes?

Have been sitting around waiting for interviews to happen and as a result, have been reading waaaay too much perezhilton, ybf and bossip. It’s such a guilty pleasure and they all just crack me up. Luckily, I’m also (just!) learning that it really is quite beneficial to the brain to keep working, thinking, writing, when you’re in limbo. I have a tendency to get locked into the waiting, but it’s really about keeping it moving.

Last thing – I totally dig Dr. Oz in his scrubs and all, but how did he get an Oprah-approved show before Dr. Robin? And like, where is Dr. Robin anyway??

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