Just life.


It’s fleeting and frustrating and beautiful and stressful and confusing and enlightening. Most of all, it’s short and unpredictable.

For some odd reason, I always seem to have a delayed reaction to sad news. Maybe it’s a coping mechanism, maybe it’s denial. As I sit here watching the tribute to Bernie Mac on Larry King Live, I think it’s finally hitting home for me that a family has lost a husband, father, grandfather. His work will live on on DVD, of course, but the reality is that he’s gone.

The same goes for Isaac Hayes. What a talent. What a trailblazer, a risk-taker. I was listening to Walk on By this afternoon and felt the same sense of sadness that I now feel for Bernie, days after their untimely deaths.

When you’re a kid – a teenager, even – you think that 40 is old. Anybody older than that is basically ancient. As you mature and get to into the rhythm of your own life, you realize that 40 is just 39 + 1. Bernie was only 50. That ain’t old. Neither is 65, like Isaac was. I guess the great thing about their lives is that they actualized their dreams and showed up & delivered, every single time.

Perhaps that’s what this journey is really all about anyway.

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