OK, you know how Wendy Williams always talks about her friends “in her head?” (My God, am I really quoting Wendy?) Well, if I could snap my fingers and have a new friend, Whoopi Goldberg would be at the top of my wish list. Then the writer in me thinks that she would give the most amazing, honest interview. I told my dear editor just the other day, “You know, I just wanna have lunch with her, just to talk.”

Aside from the fact that she lays down the law on a daily over at The View (translation: she lets Elizabeth have it, which I live for!), did you know that she’s won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony and two Golden Globes? And she’s done all of that while playing by her own rules and not subscribing to the mainstream. Imagine that.

I can admit that when I was younger, a lot of what she did flew over my head and there were some things that I thought were rather inappropriate – that whole Friar’s Club fiasco with Ted Danson comes to mind, but that’s none of my business. Most recently, she’ll star in Xanadu on Broadway, through September, and although she says that she won’t be lacing up her roller skates, I still think that it’s brave and crazy and kind of hysterical. It’s all about taking chances and stepping (and staying) outside of the box, right? Oh, and she’s got her morning radio show going on, too, which I really need to catch up on.

Really and truly, Whoopi has stood the test of time and what I love so much about her is her level head, open mind and the ability to accept life for what it is, for better or worse. I’m never mad. In fact, I’m trying to take a page from her book.

Yo, Whoop, when you get a minute, let’s grab a bite.

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