or the dissolution of it, it’s kind of crazy that folks seem to be parting ways, left & right.

While I hate to see any family fall apart, I have one, simple question for the soon-to-be former Mrs. Jones Reynolds?

Star, how is that you whored yourself before the cameras on your way to the alter and then issue a statement – exclusively to Entertainment Tonight, no less – asking for “privacy” during your divorce process?

I’m sorry, but that is about as bananas as that ridiculous, over-the-top, sponsor-laden charade she called a wedding. My girl, Daniela, has compassion for Star, but I don’t know. It was all just too much for me – the engagement at the All-Star Game, squealing about how his skin was “the color of burnt butter” and even watching Al clock camera time while his better half was handling her red carpet duties on E! Remember that?

What’s sadder than the end of her marriage is how she allowed the whole spectacle of it all to blemish her career and her credibility. I really hope that he doesn’t try to take her to the cleaners, though, because, after all, she was the one bringing home the bacon during their three-year union.

Wonder what The View girls will have to say tomorrow during “Hot Topics.”

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