How ironic that procrastination has the same number of syllables – five – as anticipation (check the previous post).

In attempt to light the fire under my ass (and get my fingers to typing and transcribing!), I’ve changed locations and am out by the pool, but still…nothing.

When I was just a youth, I remember thumbing through my mother’s college textbooks and accompanying her to registration. In fact, I recall finding a penny, on heads, on one particular registration day and as a result, she was at the top of the list to pick her classes. Yes, yes I believe in the power of the penny! I also remember the day she explained to my six-year-old self the definition of this word called “procrastination.” That was the beginning of my end. I’ve been a procrastinator since that day, or maybe I just had a name for what would become my future drug of choice. Thanks, Val!

All that to say is that my procrastination issues could fill a 2-part segment on Oprah…like, seriously. I can almost hear Lady O asking me, “So, Regina, tell me again why you’re so lazy?” When I’m on my game, watch your back. But when I fall off, it’s a very bad situation. Remember when Bill Bixby (a/k/a Dr. David Banner a/k/a The Incredible Hulk) used to say, “Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry?” Well, that pretty much sums up how I am when I’m in my procrastination zone.

I wish there was a pill I could take, a tonic I could swig or maybe even a genie I could rub a few times that would give me that extra push. Can anybody hear me? Does anybody feel my pain?

OK, I’ve spoken my peace. Let me stop procrastinating!

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