Remember that old Heinz ketchup commercial? Those on-point lyrics, courtesy of Carly? Wait, am I dating myself? For the record, I’m 26 (give or take a few years, maybe even a decade). OK, I think I’ll stop right there.

Well, without completely blowing up my own spot, let’s just say that I feel as though I’m constantly in a state of waiting…for an answer, for the call, for the check! I mean, really! Is it just me? I guess I just wish I could come up with something constructive to do in the meantime. Nature walks in the morning do help. So, do green tea frappaccinos, but the last thing I need right now is a pricey vice.

Anyway…enough of my baggage.

It’s Monday afternoon and aside from my anticipation issues, it’s been a good day. The sun is out, shining bright, which is always a good thing. Am doing a little transcribing, adding up some receipts for taxes ’07 and trying to be positive about life, despite having driven past a no-name gas station at Melrose and Fairfax selling $4.42 gas, for regular! As if. I’d rather push my car to the next Chevron or just call AAA.

Am catching up on some Ugly Betty episodes on DVD. This shit is hilarious. Where was I during season one?

And much, much love to the Levert family. It hardly seems real, or fair, that they could lose two of their own in two year’s time. My first thought was of Sean’s three kids, but then I thought that he just might be OK since he’s reunited with this big brother. Life, just life. Gotta keep it all in perspective, right?

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