Have you ever gone to the bank to make a deposit or withdrawal only to have the teller damn-near frisk you and request a blood sample so you can gain access to your money? The folks at DMV are no different nor are the cashiers at Pavilions. It seems that everybody just wants to get all up in your business, but not if you’re writing a book.

I find it tres interesting that some folks are able to land literary agents and book deals based on lies & bullshit, yet nobody asks any questions.

How does one go through the process of crafting a book proposal and writing a “memoir” and nobody catches on that you are a bloody liar? This chick (do I call her by her government name or her fibbing-alter ego?) never even met her agent face-to-face, got a book published, earned rave reviews and clearly, there was no fact-checking going on. When I think about the time and energy it takes to research an article for a glossy, I can hardly believe that this has happened, again, in the world of book publishing. A-fucking-mazing! And best believe that the powers-that-be are happily firing the flames up under James Frey once more.

Something tells me that when I sit down to write my great American novel (or will it be a tell-all…hmmm?), folks are going to be digging through my garbage, reading my e-mails and seeking out my first grade teacher, current comrads and maybe even a few people who hated me back in junior high school.

Mediocrity is running, rampant, through the streets. We have to make it stop!

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