For some reason, I’ve been hearing Judy Garland’s voice in my head all day.  Actually, I think I’ve just been asking myself “Why?” so much lately that my mind is stuck on that last line from Somewhere Over the Rainbow –

if happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, 
why, oh why, can’t I?

I fancy myself to be quite in touch with my spirit and have always done my best to follow it, freely, no matter the consequences.  Sometimes, the outcome has been great.  Other times, I’ve paid, dearly, but I’ve learned to be cool with that, too.  But lately, there seems to be so much madness swirling around that the only words that come to mind are, “OK, what the hell is going on…and why?”  It’s annoying, it’s frustrating and to top it all off, I’m now obsessed with wondering why I feel the need to know why.  I mean, is it wrong to want to know why?  Is it too much to ask the universe for guidance and an explanation?  Maybe…

I’m really trying to come to terms with the fact that as much as I want answers, I may never know why things are out of sorts.  The time and energy that I’ve been wasting with wanting to know “Why?” could be, should be, put to much better use.  The bottom line is that whatever ‘is’ just is.  Period.

Life is too short and far too precious to be walking around with a big question mark weighing me down.  Instead of questioning every, single thing, I’m trying to remind myself that I want to keep growing, I have to keep striving and I must keep moving.  Perhaps that’s why.

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