So, it’s August 24th and I’m kind of losing my mind.  Each day that passes, I find myself asking, “Where has the summer gone?”  Needless to say, I’m holding on to each and every day, for dear life.  There’s just so much more to do, so many more books to read and so much more time I need to spend lamping by the pool!  My God, I’ve not even taken a bike ride on the beach yet.  (sigh)
Now that I’ve gotten all of the drama out of the way, I should really try to be more grateful because Summer 2012 has treated me rather kindly.  For instance, I made two trips back east, spent quality time with my family, saw A Streetcar Named Desire (finally!), attended my dear friend’s baby shower (“LadyBug” is due in the fall!) and also, celebrated my mother’s 65th birthday, with friends and family, over brunch and the butter cream cake of her choice.  (note: she’s fine with me shouting out her age to the world…I asked!).  I also got to see Anita Baker at the Hollywood Bowl, which was pretty damn magical.  She even brought Lalah Hathaway out to sing “Angel.”  (can you imagine?!)  Oh, and to kick start September, I’m attending a friend’s wedding next weekend.  All in all, it’s been a good couple of months, but I just wish it hadn’t happened so quickly.
As I wrap my head around the approaching season (and start shopping for a fierce, fall shoe!)  I thought I’d share a few thoughts that have been running through my mind lately.  I promise to keep it light…sort of.


Gun (out of) Contol
What the hell goes through somebody’s mind when they set out to shoot up a movie theater or a church or an army base or even the corner of 34th Street, right by the Empire State Building?  Why are innocent people being hurt and killed by crazed, lone gunmen?  I just don’t understand, but I really wish we could figure out how to make it stop, like right now.
Mad Men
OK, it’s beyond time that I come clean about how far behind I was on Mad Men.  (deep breath)  Until a few months ago, I’d not watched a single episode, but now, I’m almost completely caught up and am so happy that I allowed myself to get sucked in.  What a show!  I’ve learned so much about life and office politics and men and power and human nature.  And yes, like every other girl in the world, I think I’m in love with Donald Draper.
(Extreme) Literary Guilt
My summer reading list is still so long and sadly, not many titles have been crossed off.  I didn’t turn as many pages as I’d hoped to and I feel just terrible about it.  I also went on this Amazon splurge recently and have added Joan Didion’s “White Album” to my ever-expanding pile which also includes, but is not limited to, Maya Angelou’s autobiographies (I started, but didn’t make much headway), Steve Jobs’ biography and I’d love to revisit Zadie Smith’s “On Beauty” before I dive into her latest.  It would be simply ah-mazing if I could get through all of those books before the November 20th release of Grace Coddington’s memoir, which should be a read (pun intended)!
Life Lessons
As life moves forward, there are always more lessons to learn.  Sometimes you learn them on your own and other times, someone in your cypher will utter a few words that literally stop you in your tracks and make you think, hard.  I’ve been receiving many pearls of wisdom lately from the most unlikely sources.  Each time it happens, I am shocked, at first, then I find that I’m oh-so grateful, even if it’s not exactly what I want to hear.  Life is amazing, truly.
Decision 2012
All I can say is that I want to check out until Election Day.  I’m already over it – all of it – and we’ve got two-plus months left of this campaign season.  It’s really too much for my nerves, so I can’t even imagine how Barack tangles with these people on a regular.
On Not Calling Folks Out
I’ve never been one to be too affected by what other people think or say (who has the time?), but recently, a colleague of mine has been shooting verbal arrows at me that are as sharp as the tip of a Ginsu knife.  Ironically, I feel such pity for the perpetrator that instead of barking back, I just shake my head and think, “Do you hear yourself?”  Those moments remind me that I have to choose happiness.  I just have to.
  1. i'm mad this summer is coming to a close fast too! i am trying not to think about it so that i don't all the way burst into tears….

    Ooooh I just got into Mad Men a few months ago for the first time and got all caught up until the season that just went off. can't wait to catch that one. in the meantime I've got breaking bad and sons of anarchy.

  2. I hear that Breaking Bad is ending, for good…soon? I am as behind on that as I was Mad Men. There's just not enough time to watch everything and I really do try to stay current. Anarchy doesn't seem like it's for me, but I keep hearing how good it is! There's just so much to do, see and read and sometimes I just don't know where to start! 🙁

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